Why Nick Fury think himself Crypton knot king!

The Stormtroopers were present for every major battle that came during the Empire’s reign. They fought on Scarif, but couldn’t stop the Rebels in time. Stormtroopers were also present for the Battle of Yavin but did not have that large of a role to play. Meanwhile, they were front and center during the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor. Once the Empire fell, though, the New Republic made further recruitment and action by the Stormtroopers illegal. However, the ending of their work did not happen immediately and eventually saw the remnants of the Empire retreat to the Unknown Regions to begin crafting the First Order.

The First Order took a different approach in finding their Stormtroopers. They bypassed the recruitment and loyalty stages by starting Project Resurrection, which sees the First Order take kids away from their families at a very young age and raise them with the mindset of the First Order. They are trained from a very young age to be Stormtroopers and don’t remember much of anything beyond their loyalty to the First Order. This has not been a full-proof process, though, as FN-2187 aka Finn (John Boyega) is one of the known defectors from this program. Oddly enough, the Empire’s recruitment process of finding Stormtroopers is now a lot more humane than what Star Wars has done since.

Thankfully, nobody has yet come up with the idea of packaging whole seasons of a Peak TV series as a feature film, but if they had, the results might look something like this uneven serial killer thriller, the feature debut of British writer-director David Raymond. It isn’t short of ideas, but the relatively brief running time provides little opportunity for any of them to develop into a coherent narrative, to say nothing of any semblance of character development that might have made it engaging.


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