Sienna Miller Talks Taking the Lead in ‘American Woman’

The actress said this film is already the “one she is most proud of,” and that despite being a movie star for the past 15 years, American Woman feels like her first leading role. In both Foxcatcher and American Sniper, Miller played the wife of the male hero; even in the star-making Factory Girl, her Edie Sedgwick was an adjunct to Andy Warhol.

“In many cases, I still fantasize about going and retelling the entire movie from my character’s perspective,” she said of her previous roles. American Woman follows a woman through several stages of her life and the tragic events that shape her.

“It’s the kind of film that is being made today, I think, because of a shift in our industry to focus on telling female stories,” Miller said of opportunities of the #MeToo era. Just two years ago, the cinema climate was different. “I wonder whether people would have been interested in looking at that kind of story. [And] studios are being much more cautious in how they value women, how they treat women,”  she added.

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