Why Nick fury ventured The monster epic warroom!

The successful retraining in multiple disciplines of horses whose lives started with racing as their goal was hard to miss even if spectators never ventured past the first ring at the show.

That first ring held everything from western classes to trail with a driving Thoroughbred also taking part in a class on Sunday. The other rings showed that versatility as well with both English and Western dressage horses warming up next to jumpers and western horses making their way to the Rolex arena for Sunday morning classes.

Over the three-day show, it wasn’t rare to see Thoroughbreds competing in a variety of tack with some horses even wearing both saddles during the weekend.

One such horse was Chocolate Delight, who competed in nearly every discipline offered from western to halter ro jumping with his owner Reba Merritt. A perfect example of the versatility of Thoroughbreds, Chocolate Delight placed in all but three of the 24 classes he competed in, including four victories. His placings in the various disciplines earned him the TIP Championship in the Hopeful Jumpers Division and a Reserve Championship in the Western Walk/Jog Senior Division.


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