Henry Bowers denied to explore the ethical ritual views!

I loved Richie repeating that the Losers need to “kill this fucking clown” in IT Chapter Two as much as anybody, and the shout-out to The Thing wouldn’t have happened if Bill Hader hadn’t been allowed to drop an F-bomb. I jumped when Bev got blasted in the face by blood in the first IT movie, and Bev nearly drowning in a bathroom stall full of blood in Chapter Two was the creepiest use of gallons of blood since The Shining.

Obviously the IT miniseries couldn’t feature buckets of blood on ABC in 1990, and it didn’t even try to kinda sorta almost let characters say “fuck,” like another show attempts nowadays. Bev didn’t get blasted in the face by blood, but rather had to deal with it bubbling and splashing up the drain at her while the dead children called to her from the pipes and her dad loomed threateningly over her.

Miniseries Bev’s terror was contagious as she cowered in fear of both the blood and her dad, and it was genuinely scary rather than a jump scare. And that’s only one example! Remember the balloons that popped and splattered just a bit of blood everywhere? The Losers of the miniseries may not have been able to give a fuck about gallons of blood, but their story was even more freakin’ scary in my book.
IT Chapter Two answered the 2017 IT question of what happened to bully Henry Bowers when he was lost chasing the Losers into the sewers after killing his dad with the switchblade he received from IT. Henry basically washed out of the sewers, went home, and was arrested for killing his dad. Just his dad. Then, he was institutionalized in Juniper Hills Asylum until IT sent his zombie teen friend to return his blade, free him, and get him back to Derry to hunt the Losers… for some reason. Henry was just kind of… there.


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