Why Peter Parker intertwined with monsters rooms and threatened!

The second part of the two-movie adaptation of Stephen King’s massive and complicated novel, it would be the first complete telling of the full story since ABC’s 1990 IT miniseries. IT Chapter Two and the IT miniseries went about adapting the novel in very different ways, although surprisingly both had similar runtimes. Chapter Two ran for a little under three hours to tell the second half of the story, and IT ran for just over three to tell the whole thing.

Despite the fact that the miniseries was in a huge time crunch to tell the full intertwined past and present stories compared to the mostly split movies, I would argue that the miniseries as a whole worked better than IT Chapter Two in a lot of ways. Was IT Chapter Two a thrill ride that will reawaken fears of clowns all over the world? Probably. Would it have been better if it learned some of the lessons of the miniseries? I think so. Read on for a rundown of what the miniseries did better than IT Chapter Two!

The IT miniseries set the past action in 1960 and established that IT returned every 30 years, making the adult storyline go down in 1990. While this obviously meant that it took place in the present for people watching when it first premiered on ABC, the 1990 setting makes as much sense now as it did then.


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